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Thanksgiving 2009 recap - Invisus Manus
November 29th, 2009
10:46 pm


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Thanksgiving 2009 recap
Zen_oven's father and stepmom were to visit for Thanksgiving, but he was ill and couldn't travel. Wednesday night we saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I enjoyed the stop action animation. There was a similar aesthetic to the director's other movie "The Royal Tanenbaums". Worth seeing though.

Thursday I cooked a turducken and made two pies during the Macy's Day Parade and the National Dog Show. We listened to "Alice's Restaurant" as our usual tradition. We have a ton of food left over so I froze a lot of it for later. Like my mother, I'm eating mincemeat pie for breakfast. I think next time I'm going to reduce the sugar even more for the pumpkin pie and the Sunday sweet potatoes (with pecans, brown sugar, flour, and butter topping). I'm planning to make some turkey mole since it's the traditional meat for mole. Turkey tetrazini might be in the offing as well.Every time I eat a turkey sandwich I'm reminded of traveling to Ireland where a pub served turkey with cranberry under the name of "The American". The sandwich tasted pretty good at the time.

Friday we had planned to visit the zoo (since it was free) but the crowds were so bad that we didn't even try to find a space. We'll see the red panda another day. Instead we bought a pot for the bouganvillea and some plants. The Buchanan's upgrade is very nice and will be more of a one-stop shop for the stuff I like. I bought a new light colored baking pan and a Vinturi wine aerator at Sur La Table and some new metal storage containers for our new apartment. We bought some pirate-themed party supplies at the reopened Arnies for our future apartment warming pirate party. In the evening we had some more of the fall drinks at Anvil and danced at Classic Numbers.

Saturday we made the annual visit to the Texas Renn Faire with several friends and had a good time drinking mead and people-watching. I added some feather bling to my pirate hat and tried on some moccasins. Highway lane narrowing leaving town and some invisible cause on our return was cause for slowdown. Luigi's pizza and calzones at Grayanna and Baalin's house

Sunday was mostly the usual. I spent the afternoon putting up the new blue LED lights I bought last Christmas at Morgan Imports. They are looking good (and costing less). Then I dug up a bunch of my plants and took some to the Zen Center and potted the others for moving. I may still have too many for our new apartment if I can't move more to the Zen Center. I may switch over to the E-version of the newspaper. I'd like to ultimately download a PDF of the paper and read it on a Sony Reader. The paper is all set up to do just that. Every day is one step closer to digital media convergence. One day I hope to have all my books, newspapers, magazines, music, podcasts, radio, television, and photos in digital form and access to the content equivalent of the Library of Congress, free through Google. Then I can have just furniture and art in my apartment.

News item:
If you ever wanted to get even with someone, viruses that download child porn are now available. Here's a news story about it: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/tech/news/6710095.html
So far, proving the porn is downloaded by the virus is related to the number of images downloaded per second and the time of download. If this gets fine-tuned to download only one image while the user is making keystrokes and send an anonymous text to police, it could be very dangerous. I predict it will be used against members of congress any day now. Used against a select few high profile business people, it could cripple Wall St. The real criminals could flood the computers of victims to hide their crimes.

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