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 Well, for Halloween I'm going to be a pig with a chef hat like… - Invisus Manus
October 28th, 2009
11:18 pm


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 Well, for Halloween I'm going to be a pig with a chef hat like in so many BBQ restaurants. The twist is that I'm serving "long pig" chopped with my bloody ax. I call the costume ... OMGWTFBBQ!

The pic "creeped Zen_oven right the f*ck out" as she says.  I told her that next time that a troll posts an email to her profile that she should offer them a threesome and send a "pigture" of my costume as the third person.

I bought the costume supplies at Frankel's 2801 Polk St. (just a bit north of greyanna and baalin's condo). They have a lot of costume supplies - I see a future pirate party in there post-Halloween. The folks selling make-up are good at giving tips and they have lots of scar/glass/etc for attaching to faces for zombie crawling. http://www.frankelcostume.com/StoreHoursLocations.aspx

At 1:59am Nov 1 will be the Houston Moonlight Ramble. http://www.bikehouston.org/

This Saturday is the 3rd Annual Montrose Halloween crawl. http://www.montrosecrawl.com
Here's some good costumes from 2007 & 2008 crawls:
Frida Kaelo http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=275#joomimg
Lawn gnome & evil queen http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=314#joomimg
Zelda's Link http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=481#joomimg
Mario & princess http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=133
Colonel Sanders http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=162#joomimg
Yip yip http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=171#joomimg
Fortune telling machine http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=166#joomimg
Bender http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=258#joomimg
Fifth element http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=295#joomimg
Jack in the Box http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=262#joomimg
Catwoman http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=259#joomimg
Alien http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=194#joomimg
tetris http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=249#joomimg
yard gnome http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=189#joomimg
Long Island iced tea http://www.montrosecrawl.com/photos?func=detail&id=132

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Date:October 30th, 2009 03:21 am (UTC)
Hey bebe. Turns out I will be KID FREE this haloween. :D

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Date:October 31st, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
We got a hotel room at Crowne Plaza 6121 NORTH I-35 Austin, TX 78752 (north of exit 239 & E Koenig Rd). Are you still at Well's Branch or a new one? Please give address if changed. Do you still want a snake plant. I am looking for homes for my plants if you would like one.
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