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Sunday Oct 25 - Invisus Manus
October 25th, 2009
11:18 pm


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Sunday Oct 25
 I've been reading the autumn_and_fall list on LJ. Here's a post that amused me.

I told Zen_oven that the correct pronuciation of Pho is (Fuh).  Therefore a good name for a Vietnamese restaurant might be What The Pho?

Saturday was pretty good. I'm taking pics of all my favorite interesting things around Houston. I will make an album and show you all soon. I also found paper Mexican carnations for our Dia de Las Muertos offrenda (altar), a shirt with the lotteria (Tarot cards) on it, and some miniature food bowls. The owners of Casa Ramirez are very nice and even gave me some pan de muertos since I would be in Austin on Sunday. I finally went to a Fiesta (24th St in the Heights) and found all kinds of interesting Mexican pastries, carribean, and Indian food. It's got the local rep of being the cheapest food in town so I tend to steer clear, but I thought it was fun to shop there yesterday. I also finally got to eat mafungo and bacalao at the Puerto Rican restaurant Tex Chick near our house (always is closed whenever I drive by) and it was pretty tasty. I even liked the malt soda (tasted like molasses).

Sunday was initially good with the meditation session, but then got into an arguement with the leader of my garden. I haven't been doing enough service work in the garden and my bed isn't getting as much attention as others would like. I've necessarily prioritized grant-writing instead. I recognize that I don't have as much time as the retirees do to give to the garden, but I'm giving up a lot of the benefits of being in our old house to make my living space better for zen_oven. The living space decision makes sense, but the garden has a particular meaning for me even though I don't get to go there often. It is one of the places that neither my wife or my boss has sway over. I enjoy being able to put plants in the ground and watch them grow. I have a hard time reconciling that I often only have a little time to give to a lot of activities and when other people get involved, they often demand more than I can give. At the same time, I'm unwilling to stop doing them entirely. I have to find homes for many of my plants when we move out of our current house because the other tenants won't take care of them. If I can't stay in the garden, I'm not sure where they will be able to go. My neighbors just redid their driveway and the workers destroyed one of my plants. It has been damaged two times by other work crews and was starting to recover right before this happened. I'm not sure how many more times it can recover and I feel bad about this happening.  I'm wondering if I need to start tagging my plants in Spanish so that this doesn't keep happening.

I had planned to go on the taco truck crawl II with the Houston Chowhounds today. I got started late after my encounter at the garden and missed the group at the first location (they were running an hour ahead of schedule) and had to eat by myself. I did have an interesting corn, lemon juice, and salt drink at one restaurant. Apparently it's a regional specialty. I thought it was refreshing and not as strange or salty as the ingredients would seem. I finally caught the group at the third location for ten minutes. After we went to the final location, all the people I knew were mysteriously someplace else.  I had hoped to spend time with some of the oldtimers in the group today and now it's getting so big that it's not as fun.  Hopefully the upcoming oyster throwdown will go better although the throwdowns went from 50 last year to >250 this year so far.

I need to upgrade the RAM on my computer but it keeps getting updates, which slows it down further, making it hard to use the internet to buy more RAM.

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Date:October 26th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
"I told Zen_oven that the correct pronuciation of Pho is (Fuh). Therefore a good name for a Vietnamese restaurant might be What The Pho?"

Seattle. :) They opened a second one and named it "Mo' Pho".
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Date:October 26th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
It is called turning off automatic windows updates....it won't hurt you more than you already are for speed.
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