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Grants progress - Invisus Manus
October 4th, 2009
11:41 am


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Grants progress
I've writing grants for eight weeks now. Last week sent out grant #1 and tomorrow will send out #2.  Unfortunately, no time to celebrate my birfday last Monday.  I had hoped to turn grant #2 in Friday, but helping my boss with #1 and him writing a second one at the same time made everything overrun into the time I wanted to be finishing my grant.  Due to grant writing I was unable to do the following plans: celebrate Octoberfest at St. Arnold's brewery, listen to Houston Symphony play "Ode to Joy" (one of my favorites), go to the farmer's market, attend the Rice festival, and bake a pie.  Unfortunately, I need to get some funding to keep working after next July so I have to stick to priorities. Only 10% of grants are getting funded, so my boss and I are writing four grants hoping to get at least one. It's tough when Houston has finally hit fall weather and is prime for all kinds of activities. I am glad for the opportunity to learn grant-writing and I am finally getting along (mostly) with my boss. I enjoy the grant-writing, just not what has to be done in the last week to meet the deadline. After this grant is done I still have another grant and a paper to write so I may be missing more activities that I had planned for the rest of the month.

I did at least go see Moby in concert with Zen_oven last night. The concert was great. I especially liked the dancing by his African American singer and his playing of the bongo drums. They do a great job with the lighting.  I'm getting too old to stand for four hours. My back starts to hurt although dancing did help.  I guess the lesson is that if things don't move, they hurt. That has some spiritual meaning too. We were distracted by some obnoxious woman smoking in the club next to us and hollering in her drunken excitement in my ear.  Grayanna got into an arguement with her because she is sensitive to smoke.  I spent too much of the time afterward thinking about revenge fantasies. I even thought about carrying some handcuffs and slapping her in some so the cops could catch her with her pot. Afterwards I thought that I should treat this like I do in meditation - label it as "thinking" and refocus my mind.  I think this strategy might have promise.

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Date:October 4th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
ooo moby! :D I can't stand for 4 hours either. :( I have arthritis and scoliosis, it sux. but...yeah I used to work for a department at a university that spent 80% of its time writing grants. I know how gruelling that is so props to you for doing so much work!

I do smoke weed. But only at home! I do not expose other people to my shit if they are not interested. That would be rude. Why didn't she just eat a hash brownie before going out? damn what a cow lol.

And major props to you for being a man who dances! Hey dude if you head out this way I will totally dance with you.
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Date:October 4th, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
I am glad you are getting along with your boss better! Maybe think of the grants as a way to continue to do the things that you want later? (as in money to do those things?)

The Moby concert was really kick ass besides stupid biatch. And kudos to you, creepy doll, for keeping your smoking at home! I have no problems with people smoking or using, I just don't want to smell it.

It was actually a bit nicer in the back for me as there was plenty of room to dance around.
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