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July 4 2009 - Invisus Manus
July 5th, 2009
11:33 pm


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July 4 2009
Busy weekend of the fourth.  Friday morning I subjected zen_oven to Dark City.  One of my favorite SF films.  I just love the plot device that the doctor uses to train the main character to use his psychic abilities and time perception. I wish I could "tune". Later in the day we toured five apartments in Midtown/Montrose that we drive by all the time.  We don't plan to move until it cools down and is closer to the end of our lease, but we thought we'd get a jump on it. We liked the New Orleans styled Calais the best and it is the newest of the bunch and comparable in price. Here's pics:

Later that day I made a blueberry pie and squash casserole to have with the lamb chops that baalin grilled. Then we watched "Repo: the Genetic Opera". It was interesting, but not as engaging as Sweeny Todd or Moulin Rouge.

Saturday morning I went on the ice crawl with the Houston Chowhounds. I passed on the pork cooked in blood, but I did brave the rice with chocolate topped with a dried fish. Not my favorite. I won't push to have dinner at New Phillipiana from now on.  I did enjoy the halo halo though. It was shaved ice with milk, coconut fruits, congealed coconut, jellied fruits, and two kinds of paste (one purple that was related to taro). This was followed by Malaysian at Banana Leaf (beef rendang, dried fish fried rice, etc.) and another bowl of frozen dessert Chinese style at Star Snow Ice. Very similar to the first but with many kinds of sweet beans and swelled grains, fresh cut fruit, and gelatins like grass jelly. In the afternoon I visited Central Market and bought cloudberries, gooseberries, champagne grapes, and several kinds of apricots and plums. I got stuck on the Apple movie trailers site for a couple of hours watching previews of summer films. We had tacos and margaritas for dinner at La Mexicana (guisada de puerco is fantastic) and then hiked a few blocks north to watch the fireworks at Buffalo Bayou from a vacant lot at West Gray and Taft. Lots of new fireworks styles. Shaped charges that looked like mitotically dividing cells, corals, and gnat clouds were shown. Afterwards we watched "Step Brothers" and Rome Season II episodes 9-10.

This morning we watched "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay". I made hot dogs with purple German potato salad with olives, capers, and some Branston pickles. Housecleaning and watering the yard (we really need rain) took up the afternoon. Finally, I made my own tomato ragout with grilled venison sausage, roasted green peppers, and spinach linguine.  Over pasta, we watched the preview of Ken Burn's National Parks. Ken is truly a great person. I think his projects bring out what is good in America and I get proud and teary when I think about the effect of his films have had. I hope that his work galvenizes national support of our parks that have been dealing with more travelers and contracted budgets.

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Date:July 6th, 2009 12:01 pm (UTC)
oooh, those apartments look nummy :)

Y'know -- I read these types of LJ's and miss having a foodie around to go and enjoy new things with or experiment with new things at home.
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Date:July 7th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
Hee, Dark City is one of my favorites too. :) And mmmm, I made German potato salad, & D made homemade hotdog chili & a balsamic vinegar coleslaw for the 4th. We took the salads to a cookout with some friends and had our annual fireworks in the driveway. Somebody in the neighborhood had some rockets. :) Lots of fun. And we watched an interesting show about Yosemite on the National Geographic Channel yesterday. D. keeps talking about going back there,and going to Zion & Death Valley. We bought him a book on the national parks for Christmas last year. I'll have to tell him about the Ken Burns project.
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