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Zen_oven's B-day - Invisus Manus
June 15th, 2009
09:08 am


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Zen_oven's B-day
Today is Zen_oven's birthday.  She's been feeling down about some things over the weekend and not feeling well, so please give her some B-day cheer. Yesterday I bought her a dozen pink roses, chocolate cake from The Chocolate Bar, breakfast at Baba Yega, and money to buy some new clothes (since she lost all the weight she hasn't had the money to get replacements). We may go out for a nice dinner at Mark's or Mockingbird Bistro, but not tonight because Monday is the worst day to go the restaurants since the head chef is off and their food shipment is the oldest while Tuesday and Thursday are the newest.

Over the weekend we bought a new camera (the old one stopped working) and lots of nice fruit at Central Market (white peaches, canteloupe, nectarines, cherries, blueberries). I'm working my way through my honey do list including clearing out furniture we don't want to move this winter when we find a new apartment.  I sent my 1 year-old niece some boots that look like cows with tails on the back, a cloth book "Goodnight Bear", her name carved in wood, and a sippy cup that looks like a monkey head.  I sent my dad some Buds 'n' blooms organic fertilizer for Father's Day from the online store at Maestro Gro.  This stuff will make anything bloom.  I wanted to send some Minerals Plus too but it's fertilizer so I can't send it through the mail.

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