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Scottish music - Invisus Manus
June 5th, 2009
08:08 am


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Scottish music
Last night we went to see Ed Miller and Brian McNeil (one of the original Battlefield Band members) at the Mucky Duck.  We were treated to a great Scottish traditional song medley with union songs, "We're going to South Australia", and shepherdess jokes.  Mucky Duck is really a great Houston resource.  I overdid it with the food though.  I had three trios.  First three mini pies (beef and mushroom, chicken pot pie, and shepherd's pie), then a flight of three beers, then a flight of three ports, and a sherry trifle.

Tomorrow is the Houston Chowhounds slider crawl.  We're eating sliders at several places nearby.  We've got several eating marathons planned in June.  We're doing a BBQ Throwdown, a Fried Chicken Throwdown, and an ice crawl (different ethnic frozen desserts).

After I finish the re-write of my paper on Sunday I'm going to the Accordian Festival at Miller Outdoor Theatre.  I'm hoping to hear some zydeco music.

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