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Crawfish boil - Invisus Manus
April 19th, 2009
12:50 am


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Crawfish boil
Check out these Peeps

I've been missing this show that I used to listen to back in school.  
I should have remembered to listen on www.publicradiofan.com.  They list all NPR shows streaming online at that time by station and program name.  You can find almost any NPR program is streaming somewhere in the U.S. I like Afropop World and Thistle and Shamrock too.

Bellies full of crawfish and beer after a day of crawfish boil eating in Baton Rouge.  I got a bit of acid reflux from the spices, but some OTC acid blockers knocked it right out.  We also watched the end of the Return of the King on the tv. Right now it's pouring down rain and I've been looking up Rood Food recommendations from the Splendid Table website. We stopped in Breaux Bridge on Friday to eat at Cafe des Amis that was just reviewed recently on the show.  I had duck and sausage gumbo and zen_oven had seafood and corn bisque.  For the mains I had BBQ
mp and she had crawfish etouffee. We ended with a sirop gateau (syrup cake) that was a 18th century style dessert gingerbread cake with molasses and topped with nuts that was served with ice cream.

I've been looking at the National Park sites in Lousiana.  Jean Lafitte has six sites.  We went to two near New Orleans several years ago.  There are several in western LA.  I'm thinking that visiting the Cajun sites in Lafayette and Eunice might be fun for our 3rd anniversary next month.  The site in Eunice does Cajun dance lessons, cooking lessons, and a Cajun music show. 
We could stay in Lafayette, drive up to Eunice on Saturday, and see the site in Lafayette also.
Check out the Lafayette NPR station KRVS for streaming Cajun music.
On the Lafayette visitor's bureau website I found several good looking French bakeries (run by actual French people including this one:
They serve American King Cake and the original French one.  As 
I expected, the French original was served on Epiphany and is filled with almond paste.  That means my plan to reengineer American King Cake with almond paste and less sweetness would put me square in the middle of the original French recipe.

I also found out that one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Baton Rouge, Parrain's, means godfather's in French and was a very important role in Cajun society. I also didn't realize that the Lebanese restaurants in Louisiana result from an influx of Christian Lebanese during the early 20th century.  Their common French language made a good match for this to be a Lebanese landing point in the U.S.

Today is the first day of National Parks Week Apr 18-25. 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the National Park system set up by Teddy Roosevelt.  Ken Burns is making a six-part series about the National Parks too.

Someday it might be fun to visit some of the War of 1812 sites besides the Battle of New Orleans (Chalmette) and Fort Necessity (near Pittsburg) that I've been .  I haven't ever been to upstate NY or upper Michigan to see Fort Stanwix or some of these non-national park sites. http://www.visit1812.com/historic-sites/

On a related note, I'd recommend the American Experience miniseries about the role of Native Americans in American history by Rick Burns "We Shall Remain".  It gives an upside-down view of American myths that I believe that we still have not reconciled with. The next episode about Tecumseh and his prophet brother tells the story about the attempt that almost united all Native Americans to stop U.S. expansion beyond the Mississippi that was referenced in the "Alvin Maker" series by Orson Scott Card.

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