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Work and division planes - Invisus Manus
April 9th, 2009
11:09 pm


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Work and division planes
My research meeting was very enjoyable.  I asked a lot of questions that got excited responses from the speakers.  Unfortunately that didn't translate into appreciation from my boss.  I did get promises from competitors to share materials.  That the majority of the talks were related to my project has led my boss to reconsider ending my project and even thinking about writing a grant to expand the work, but he still doesn't trust me to do the work.  No recognition that most of my past interests and predictions were at least partially validated by my work and several others.  I have heard that some bosses play head games where they tell their employee that they don't think they can accomplish something in order to get them to prove them wrong and work harder to get the work done.  I wonder if this is what I'm experiencing.  I'm planning to spend some of my remaining training grant period looking into other career possibilities.  I used to think that I was going to pioneer a novel career path.  Maybe that's still possible.

I had an idea that came up after a discussion with a colleague who noted that some people have a "clinical eye" to see meaning in details that others often miss.  Some say that autistic spectrum disorders cause individuals to lack a filter for much of the data they receive which forces them to develop novel strategies to cope with data and to see novel relationships. I also read that some speculate that Einstein would have been diagnosed as ADHD and might have not developed his theories were he medicated. I often take the perspective of the "riding on a light beam" thought experiment to explore a new problem.  On several occasions I have thought that the branch pattern of trees and the branching of vasculature (as I saw in the latex forms in the BodyWorlds exhibit) display particular branch patterns that reiterate much like a fractal.  Fractals can be derived from simple mathematical formulas.  Each of the branches must ultimately be tied to the angle of a division plane with respect to the prior division.  The outcome of a division in stem cells, either to renew as two equivalent stem cells (symmetric) or as one stem and one differentiating daughter cell (assymetric), is determined by rotation of the division plane in fly germ cells.  So the division planes of a vascular bed over space or the stem cell divisions in an organ over time could be depicted like Morse code and compressed into a simple formula. Not being a mathematician or a programmer, I'm not sure how to derive a formula from observed measurements.

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